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How Do I Know If My AC Needs To Be Serviced?

If your air conditioner is making unusual noises, you may need to check it. Usually, ACs make a low, quiet buzz when they’re running normally. If your unit makes unusual noises, you must call a technician for AC maintenance in Sharjah. Several things can cause your air conditioner to make strange noises, including a faulty compressor and a blocked airflow. Below are some important things that show your AC needs to be serviced.

Moisture inside your windows:

If you see water or condensation inside your windows, your AC may need serviced. This moisture can cause the paint or glass in your windows to peel and warp. It can also damage insulation and cause stains on your walls. The worst part is that it can even harm your health!

When the temperature outside is much lower than the temperature inside, condensation will form. This happens because your air conditioner is not working properly to keep your home cool. The condensation will cause your AC to work harder and waste more energy. However, it’s possible to prevent this problem.


If you notice leaks coming from your air conditioner, schedule an AC service as soon as possible. In most cases, leaks are caused by a faulty AC unit. Besides leaking refrigerant, a faulty AC unit can cause other problems. For example, it might be making hissing noises and not cooling your home properly.

Low refrigerant level:

A low refrigerant level in an air conditioning unit is a major concern for any homeowner. Not only can it increase your electric bill, but it can also damage your air conditioner, resulting in a breakdown. If you notice a low refrigerant level, you must service your AC immediately.

Leakage around the condenser unit:

If you’ve noticed leakage around your AC condenser unit, it’s time to get it serviced. The leak can be caused by several factors, including improper installation or drainage problems. For example, if the unit is not installed with a sufficient distance between the front and back ends, the water could accumulate and cause damage to the ceilings. Another cause of leakage is improper sizing. If your AC unit is too small, it won’t regulate the circulation in your home properly.

Power bill:

If your AC is constantly running, it may need servicing. This will help it last longer and prevent high power bills. You can also contact a technician if you notice that parts of your home are colder than others. If you suspect this is a sign of a faulty thermostat, you can call a professional to diagnose the problem and repair it.